Spg secret files

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spg secret files

Eh wala sa peer pressure napasama ako. Kumbaga curious ako ehh. Wanna try new things. Ayun mali ko. Bar hopping!! Halos lahat ata ng bar sa cubao napasukan ko na, kahit gay bar pa!! Pero nagbago ako nung naging kami ng boyfriend ko, friend ko na sya highschool palang. Pero hindi kami gaanong close. Bday ko nun last year, syempre gimikera ako. Nagyaya ako ng kasama sa party.

Halos lahat ata ng friends ko sa fb chinat ko. Eh sya nag response sakin. Ang nangyari naman hindi natuloy ang party so sa condo lang kami ng friend ko nagstay. Natapos ang araw wala pa namang something. Next day nagpunta sya ulit sa condo. Nakahiga lang kami magkatabi mejo magkakilala na nga kami HS palang. Iba kasi tong movie nato.The Indian Special Protection Group SPG is a special force for providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India and members of their immediate families wherever in the world they are.

It was formed in by an act of the Parliament of India. It provides security only to the Prime Minister of India and their immediate family members residing with them at the official residence.

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After the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in Octobera review was undertaken by a Committee of Secretaries and it was decided to entrust security of the Prime Minister to a Special Group under unitary and direct control of a designated Officer and the STF to provide immediate security cover both in New Delhi and outside. These decisions were taken as short-term measures.

Then on 18 Februarythe Ministry of Home Affairs set up the Birbal Nath Committee to go into the issue in its entirety and submit its recommendation. On 30 Marchthe President of India created posts for the unit under the Cabinet Secretariat.

Creation of the SPG required an elaborate exercise in order to clearly delineate responsibility of various agencies concerned with the security of the Prime Minister. The provisions contained in the Blue Bookwhich lays down security guidelines for the protection of the Prime Minister, had to be harmoniously blended with this new concept of proximate security. The SPG functioned as a security group purely on the strength of an Executive Order for three years without a legislation, from April to June The SPG was constituted and trained specially to provide protection to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhiin view of the threats to him from several sources.

But, the organization created for the proximate security of Prime Minister Gandhi, did not contemplate provision of protection to him when he ceased to be Prime Minister, and faced magnified threats. After the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in Maythe SPG Act was amended in to provide security to former Prime Ministers and their immediate families for a period of 10 years from the date on which the former Prime Minister ceased to hold office. The "general superintendence, direction and control" of the SPG is exercised by the Central Government.

Generally, SPG Special Agents assigned to the Prime Ministerial Security Detail wear black Western-style formal business suitswith dark sunglasses, a 2-way encrypted communication earpiece, and concealed handguns. Rarely, on traditional occasions, they wear safari suits to blend into the environment.

SPG Uniformed Officers are dressed like Special operations commandos, with much more noticeable armament. These customized armoured variants of the standard BMW Li long-wheelbase sedan are used to transport the Prime Minister. They are certified with VR7 in the BRV ballistics protection ratings, and can defend occupants from anything between landmine blasts and machine-gun fire.

They have run-flat tyres which can run deflated for kilometers. The cars are fitted with advanced heat sensors to ward off missiles and bombs.

While the fuel tanks are Kevlar-sealed so as not to explode during an attack, their cabins also turn into gas-proof chambers and ensure fresh oxygen supply to secure the occupants in cases of chemical and biological attacks. Other rumoured [ by whom? Due to the added weight of the security upgrades, suspension components such as the shock absorbers and strut tops are upgraded as compared to a normal Li. For official movement, the Indian flag is fender-mounted on the driver's side of the vehicles, and if taken abroad, the flag of the foreign country is fender-mounted on the passenger's side.

They can withstand some of the most damaging and targeted of threats, including penetration by 7. Run-flat tyres allow the vehicle to be driven even if the tyres are deflated. The chassis is reinforced with super-high-strength steel, and the standard glass has been replaced by multi-laminated armoured privacy glass of optical quality. The suspension is upgraded as compared to the standard Range Rover, while an anti-tamper exhaust, self-sealing fuel tank, auxiliary back-up battery and split-charging battery system provide added protection and security.

However, these SUVs, even if taken abroad, do not bear the flag of the foreign country, and will instead have the Indian flag itself or a flag with the State Emblem of India fender-mounted on the passenger's side.

These are armoured tactical medical support vehicles to the Prime Minister, at least two of which are always spotted to the rear of the motorcade. They carry at least a litre of the Prime Minister's blood type, for emergency transfusions.

The antennas mounted on the roof are solely used in barrage jamming applications, the primary method used to counter IED threats. The antenna configuration can be changed according to threat level, for instance, taller antennas are used to increase the jamming protection distance, or change jamming frequency ranges.

There are two dome-shaped EW Sensors. Members of the SPG are barred by the SPG Act,from contact with the media and from publishing or collaborating in the publication of "any book, letter or other document".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian special force.That year, it was revealed that the Swiss federal authorities, as well as the cantonal police forces, had put in place a system of mass surveillance of the population.

It gave its report in Novemberdemonstrating that the BUPO had kept more thanfiles in secret archives. The scandal led to the reorganization of the BUPO, which since has been observed by a delegation of a Parliamentary Commission.

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Furthermore, similar allegations concerning the Defence Ministry and its UNA department Untertruppe Nachrichtensdienst und Abwehr emerged, to the effect that they too were storing files. In Novemberthis second commission confirmed the existence of secret, illegal files, as well as revealing the existence of Pa secret stay-behind army, and a secret intelligence gathering unit called Pboth hidden in the Swiss military secret service UNA.

The police files themselves were transferred to the Swiss Federal Archives. More recent records may be open on request. Records on living people are closed to public access for reasons of confidentiality. Left-wing activists had been the object of surveillance by Swiss authorities since the 20th century. Ina Swiss trade-unionist indicted for having blocked public transport in Geneva was surprised to see that the police files contained all of his activities sincealthough he had never been indicted before.

The court had asked the police for his file. However, the trial showed that it hadn't been the case.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Switzerland portal. Categories : Political history of Switzerland Surveillance scandals 20th century in Switzerland in Switzerland in politics. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with French-language sources fr Articles with short description All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Commons category link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Secret files scandal.Spanning four key twentieth-century conflicts, with a spotlight on the Second World War, Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War provides access to British government secret intelligence and foreign policy files from to The PUSD was the point of liaison between the Foreign Office and the British intelligence establishment, and these files document intelligence activities and their influence on foreign policy from toproviding new insights into key moments of twentieth-century history.

Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War is perhaps the greatest and most exciting British archival innovation in decades This is a fascinating and a fantastic collection and ought to be the staple ingredient for all histories of the Second World War from now on.

This collection represents some of the most valuable files from the British official archive on intelligence, defence and foreign policy From students at many different levels working on their projects, to academic researchers with a specialist interest, there is an Aladdin's cave of secret history to be found here.

Secret intelligence has long been regarded as the "missing dimension" of international relations. However, thanks to the Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War project, Britain's spies, security agents, codebreakers and deceptioneers are no longer missing in action. This unique collection means that the crucial intelligence dimension to history in the first half of the twentieth century is no longer "missing". Few resources can be of greater use to the student of 20th century history than easy access to the original documentary evidence of how Britain's foreign policy was shaped by secret intelligence.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more. Sourced from The National Archives, U. The content of the material is international in its breadth and scope. Professor Michael Goodman. Professor Matthew Jones. Professor Denis Smyth. Gill Bennett, OBE.

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Professor Anthony Glees. Contact Us. Cookies Notification.Whether it's embarrassing pictures and videos on your smartphone, or files you just don't want anyone reading, there are plenty of ways to hide them.

However, your Samsung Galaxy S5 has a built-in function called Private mode that lets you hide music, pictures, videos, and other files from snoopy family and friends. It can be a little confusing to use at first, so I'm going to break it all down for you so you can securely protect all of your secretive stuff with ease.

Swipe down the status bar with two fingers to access the extended toggle menu, which includes Private mode. Tap on it, go through the introductory steps, and select an unlock method; either PatternPINFingerprintor Password. Now go into your Gallery app and select the pictures or videos you want to hide by holding down on them. Once you have all the pictures or videos you want to hide, tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner and select Move to Private.

From the Music app, do the same thing to hide audio and music tracks; hold down on the song s you want to hide, tap on the three-dot menuand select Move to Private. To find a file including audio, documents, images, videos, etc. Hold down on the file s you want to hide, tap the three-dot menuand select Move. You'll then be asked where you want to move the file s to. Select Privatethen choose whether you want to save it into a specific folder within the private, or create a new one.

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To finish everything off, go back to your toggles and turn off Private mode. This will make all of your files seemingly disappear from your device. To retrieve your files, just enable the Private mode toggle and enter your password, pattern, PIN, or scan your fingerprint. This will make your files reappear where they normally are. When that sensitive file or photo is no longer sensitive, it's easy to move it back to "normal" mode so that it's accessible through regular means.

Just enable Private modehead over to My Filestap on Privateselect the files you want to move, tap on the three-dot menuand select Move. Select Device storagemove the files to the appropriate folder, and select Move here.

Now your once-hidden files will no longer be for your eyes only and openly available to anyone with access to your device. Want to help support Gadget Hacks and get a great deal on some sweet new tech?

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spg secret files

Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Our Best Phone Hacks Delivered daily to your inbox. Get The Newsletter. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest.Use this app to see your Sussex files. It's an easy way to get access to your personal file space at Sussex.

You can download files from your account, or upload new ones that you want to be able to use on a Sussex PC or Mac. Your Sussex files This system is undergoing maintenance.

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Some data may not be displayed. Please login Your IT username Your password. File browser Use this app to see your Sussex files. Upload a file Choose a file to upload it into this folder.

New folder Add a new folder in this location. Choose a name for the new folder and click Create: Create. Choose a new name and click Update: Update. Quick note Make a quick note and save it here. Enter the text for a note and click Save to update it in this folder. It will go into the Downloads folder which is only a temporary location. Any files in Downloads are deleted when you close the lid or click the Exit session button so make sure you save it somewhere safe, such as a USB drive, before you start working on it: Click the Apps button bottom left and choose Files to see and copy downloaded files.At the end of the day, quality and service will come out on top whenever the solution is coherent, appropriate and offers a high level of performance.

All of Armor's most recently established transformation subsidiaries (India, Mexico and South Africa) confirm the value of proximity by producing remarkable penetration rates, and this is only the start. To this can be added moving upmarket into niche applications, where the search for added value is the logical counterbalance to low-cost approaches.

We must find new applications which are more demanding, more captive and more profitable, all of which will enhance the market as a whole. Each year our volumes increase and our carbon footprint reduces as new fields of activity open up: it is this very virtuous circle that motivates us to maximise performance. Although 30 years old now, thermal Ttransfer technology still has a number of cards to play and ARMOR will continue to demonstrate its commitment via investment, innovation and new sites throughout the world.

We anticipate label producers working more closely with their ink partners not only to achieve optimum print quality but also to help increase production efficiencies, reduce waste, minimize press downtime and increase overall profitability. Demonstrating this trend, industry interest in our PureTone inks as part of a total color management concept has been unprecedented, not just in the UK but worldwide.

We also see exciting potential for premium laser-markable coding as brand owners, retailers and label printers seek solutions to overcome current challenges faced in the quest for premium printed variable data.

In partnership with DataLase, and as its preferred narrow web ink partner, our new UV flexo coating, PureCode, has been formulated to provide superior marking on the finished label. Another example of product development providing a value-added solution for brand owners and label printers alike. Recently accredited with the world-recognized Investors in People Standard, Pulse Roll Label Products continues to build a skilled and experienced team. This means that simply by scanning a product or label with a smartphone, people get access to tailored information.

This is part of the consumer trend where people increasingly expect to engage with brands whenever they want to and to obtain extra, personalized value from a product. A clear example is QR codes, which are making a comeback, albeit in a different way than when they became popular with consumers five years ago. But technology has moved on and other triggers can be used for scanning by consumers as well: Digimarc Barcodes (imperceptible digital watermarks), good-old EAN barcodes, RFID and NFC tags, and also image recognition.

In 2017 this trend will spread and brands will start to use these triggers as a new marketing channel to their customers. This is further fuelled by digital presses that allow for labels and packaging with individual codes (visible or invisible).

But we need to see more and quicker action if the tidal wave of Chinese counterfeit goods flooding onto the market is to be checked, let alone stopped.

Secret files scandal

More needs to be done to tackle the problem and this might include increased integration of holograms in China as part of brand protection strategies. The Chinese cannot defeat counterfeiting on their own, so collaboration with the likes of the IHMA, and what we offer in terms of helping China to tackle counterfeiting, has to be a welcome priority. International communication, open-mindedness and closer collaboration will be beneficial as we move forward, helping us to tackle and solve this problem together.

We launched four brand new products this year and dramatically increased the pace of our innovation. The results of this have set us on a course to better meet the needs of our customers today, but importantly, tomorrow too. We have some amazing products and technology in development. We recognize that, while we have market-leading solutions, we have opportunities to increase customer value and help them solve other business issues.

This recognition has led us to broaden our approach, solidify our focus for 2017, and focus on solutions that help customers improve their entire workflow, rise above their competition and satisfy brand owners. Digital is a key strategic focus for us. Historically, companies viewed labeling as a background process.

spg secret files

That started to change as many moved away from fragmented solutions and decentralized labeling operations to centralize labeling processes and standardize on label management systems.

As we look to 2017, we expect companies to take advantage of the productivity gains and cost savings that next generation label management systems provide. New levels of print productivity will deliver process improvement that drives down the cost of labeling.

Companies will benefit from increased agility that will allow them to easily comply with regulations, meet customer requirements, ship product faster and sell more. Business users will be able to take ownership for labeling so that costly IT resources can focus on other mission critical tasks.

Labor costs associated with labeling will drop and hidden indirect labeling costs like fines, recalls, production shutdowns and shipping delays can essentially be eliminated.

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