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Bratmun Committee sessions 1.


Bratmun Committee sessions 2. Bratmun Committee sessions 3. Bratmun Conference 1. Bratmun Conference 2. Bratmun Conference 3. Cartoon festival in Slovakia. Croatia Rally winners. Greenie Linux Logo. Kit body DACh. Povazska Bystrica October Praznov from Skalica hill. Silhouette of Slovakia. Slovak parliament Slovakia Exports Treemap Slovakia pop Slovakian girl from East Slovakia and her homeland.The population is over 5. The official language is Slovak. The Slavs arrived in the territory of present-day Slovakia in the 5th and 6th centuries.

In the 7th century they played a significant role in the creation of Samo's Empire and in the 9th century established the Principality of Nitrawhich was later conquered by the Principality of Moravia to establish Great Moravia.

In the 10th century, after the dissolution of Great Moraviathe territory was integrated into the Principality of Hungarywhich would become the Kingdom of Hungary in After a coup in Czechoslovakia became a totalitarian one-party socialist state under a communist administrationduring which the country was part of the Soviet -led Eastern Bloc.

Attempts to liberalize communism in Czechoslovakia culminated in the Prague Springwhich was crushed by the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in August Inthe Velvet Revolution ended the Communist rule in Czechoslovakia peacefully. Slovakia became an independent state on 1 January after the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakiasometimes known as the Velvet Divorce. Slovakia is a developed country with an advanced, high-income economy[15] [16] a very high Human Development Index[17] [18] a very high standard of living and performs favourably in measurements of civil libertiespress freedominternet freedomdemocratic governance and peacefulness.

The country maintains a combination of a market economy with a comprehensive social security system. Citizens of Slovakia are provided with universal health carefree education and one of the longest paid parental leaves in the OECD.

As part of EurozoneSlovak legal tender is the eurothe world's 2nd-most-traded currency. These ancient tools, made by the Clactonian technique, bear witness to the ancient habitation of Slovakia. These findings provide the most ancient evidence of commercial exchanges carried out between the Mediterranean and Central Europe. Copper became a stable source of prosperity for the local population. Excavations of Lusatian hill forts document the substantial development of trade and agriculture at that period.

The richness and diversity of tombs increased considerably. The inhabitants of the area manufactured arms, shields, jewellery, dishes, and statues.

During Hallstatt times, monumental burial mounds were erected in western Slovakia, with princely equipment consisting of richly decorated vessels, ornaments and decorations. The burial rites consisted entirely of cremation. Common people were buried in flat urnfield cemeteries. A special role was given to weaving and the production of textiles. The local power of the "Princes" of the Hallstatt period disappeared in Slovakia during the century before the middle of first millennium BC, after strife between the Scytho -Thracian people and locals, resulting in abandonment of the old hill-forts.

Relatively depopulated areas soon caught the interest of emerging Celtic tribes, who advanced from the south towards the north, following the Slovak rivers, peacefully integrating into the remnants of the local population. Biatecssilver coins with inscriptions in the Latin alphabet, represent the first known use of writing in Slovakia.

This culture is often connected with the Celtic tribe mentioned in Roman sources as Cotini. Such Roman border settlements were built on the present area of Rusovcecurrently a suburb of Bratislava. The military fort was surrounded by a civilian vicus and several farms of the villa rustica type. The name of this settlement was Gerulata. The military fort had an auxiliary cavalry unit, approximately horses strong, modelled after the Cananefates.

However, Attila's death in brought about the disappearance of the Hun tribe. Ina Turko-Mongol tribal confederacy, the Avarsconducted its invasion into the Middle Danube region. The Avars occupied the lowlands of the Pannonian Plain and established an empire dominating the Carpathian Basin.

Inthe Slavic population living in the western parts of Pannonia seceded from their empire after a revolution led by Samoa Frankish merchant. The Slavic tribes settled in the territory of present-day Slovakia in the 5th century.

Attraverso la Slovacchia - VLOG #006

Western Slovakia was the centre of Samo 's empire in the 7th century. A Slavic state known as the Principality of Nitra arose in the 8th century and its ruler Pribina had the first known Christian church of the territory of present-day Slovakia consecrated by Prosecutor launches appeal as Marian Kocner and co-defendant are cleared of murder in deaths of Jan Kuciak and fiancee.

Only 47 of the present lawmakers voted against Matovic, whose dismissal would mean the end of his coalition. Miroslav Marcek killed Jan Kuciak and his fiancee, but investigations are ongoing to find who ordered In an election campaign focused on rampant corruption, the result signifies a change of course for the small EU member.

Far right LSNS party is expected to take more seats in legislature and potentially play kingmaker as coalition partner. Voters want to clean up Slovakian politics, but a pro-democracy opposition will have to work together to unseat Smer.


Thousands mark the second anniversary of the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee Martina Kusnirova. Evidence is mounting that the populist Smer party allowed mafia-linked groups to extend influence deep into Slovakia. Slovak businessman acquitted in murder of journalist. Attacker, one adult killed in Slovakia school stabbing. Police in Vrutky town kill a man who attacked a school, leaving one dead and five injured. New Slovak government sworn in amid coronavirus pandemic.

Slovak election hands democrats vital test. Slovaks want to clean up Slovakia. Slovakia vigils mark anniversary of journalist murder. Former soldier admits to killing Slovak journalist Jan Kuciak. Is NATO still relevant?

Czechs and Slovaks prepare to mark Velvet Revolution. First Czechs and Slovaks fought communism; now they are fighting populism.

Slovakia tries to shake off mafia influence. Deadly storms hit Tatra Mountains range in Poland, Slovakia. Five people killed, over injured in thunderstorms.With a population of 5.

Slovakia joined the EU in and the euro zone in Slovakia has been a regional FDI champion for several years, attractive due to a relatively low-cost yet skilled labor force, and a favorable geographic location in the heart of Central Europe.

The unemployment rate fell to historical lows inand rising wages fueled increased consumption, which played a more prominent role in GDP growth. A favorable outlook for the Eurozone suggests continued strong growth prospects for Slovakia during the next few years, although inflation is also expected to pick up.

Among the most pressing domestic issues potentially threatening the attractiveness of the Slovak market are shortages in the qualified labor force, persistent corruption issues, and an inadequate judiciary, as well as a slow transition to an innovation-based economy. The energy sector in particular is characterized by unpredictable regulatory oversight and high costs, in part driven by government interference in regulated tariffs. We read every letter or e-mail we receive, and we will convey your comments to CIA officials outside OPA as appropriate.

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Our response will occur via a secure method. Internet: Send a message here. Or, you can send us a message using the Tor browser at ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstad. We go to great lengths to keep these channels secure, but any communication via the internet poses some risk.Right in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is a land of castles and mountains, occasionally punctuated by industrial sprawl.

More than a quarter-century after Czechoslovakia's break-up, Slovakia has emerged as a self-assured, independent nation. Capital city Bratislava draws visitors to its resplendent old town and tankard-clanking drinking culture. But Slovakia shines brightest for lovers of the outdoors.

Walking trails in the High Tatras wend through landscapes of unearthly beauty, with mirror-still glacier lakes backed by m peaks.

Read More. Dare to visit these chilling alternative destinations for a unique sense of dread this Halloween. With its rich history, diverse landscapes and hearty food and drink, Eastern Europe is firmly on the map for more travellers than ever before. But growing…. Bratislava is a great place to run out of money. Orava Castle Central Slovakia Castle.

Museum of City History Bratislava Museum. Tokaj Macik Eastern Slovakia Winery. Day tours. Explore all. Multi-day adventures. Featured videos. Five European Winter Destinations. Read more stories.Their head coach is Pavel Hapal.

Slovakia is one of the newest national football teams in the world, having split from the Czechoslovakia national team after the dissolution of the unified state in Slovakia maintains its own national side that competes in all major tournaments since.

At the World Cup, Slovakia progressed beyond the group stage after a 3—2 win against Italybefore bowing out of the tournament after a 2—1 defeat in the knockout stage against the eventual runners-up Netherlands. It was the first time the national team ever played in a major football competition, after playing every FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign since and every UEFA European Football Championship qualifying campaign sinceafter a year absence from international football due to representing part of the Czechoslovakia team.

Slovakia national football team

The nation did come close to securing a berth at the finals in Germanyafter finishing second in their group ahead of Russia and behind Portugalbefore drawing Spain in their qualification play-off, in which the Slovaks lost by a wide margin on aggregate 1—5, 1—1. The national team have achieved some noteworthy results such as the aforementioned win over the then title holders Italy at the World Cup, and a 1—0 win against Russia in September Despite this success however, the team later dropped down the rankings and a considerable drop in form went with this, as the team failed to qualify for Euro finishing their group in fourth place.

They also only scored seven goals in the group, only more than minnows Andorra. Slovakia's traditional rival is the Czech Republic which they played twice in the qualification for the World Cup inwinning 2—1 in Bratislava before losing 3—0 in Prague with both teams already eliminated, before playing each other again in and in the qualifying round for the World Cup. In these two meetings, the teams drew 2—2 in Bratislava with the Slovaks winning 2—1 in Prague.

But before that, they also played each other in Euro qualifying, and they lost 3—1 in Prague and 0—3 in Bratislava. The first official match of the first Slovak Republic — was played in Bratislava against Germany on 27 Augustand ended in a 2—0 victory for Slovakia.

After the Second World War, the national football team was subsumed into the team of Czechoslovakiaand for over 50 years Slovakia played no matches as an independent country. During this period, they contributed several key players to the Czechoslovak team, including the majority of the team that won the UEFA Euro 8 of the 11 players who defeated West Germany in the final were Slovak. Slovakia's first official international after regaining independence was a 1—0 victory in Dubai over the United Arab Emirates on 2 February Their match back on Slovak soil was the 4—1 win over Croatia in Bratislava on 20 April Slovakia suffered their biggest defeat since independence 6—0 on 22 Junein Mendozaagainst Argentina.

Their biggest wins 7—0 have come against Liechtenstein in and San Marino twice in Slovakia played in a major championship as an independent team for the first time in Euro qualifyingbut finished in third place in their qualifying group, behind Romania and Francehaving recorded wins against PolandIsrael and Azerbaijantwice.

In the World Cup qualifiersSlovakia finished fourth in their six-team group with five wins, one draw and four defeats. Their first four games in this were all wins, with one of these against their Czech neighbors, helping the team reach their highest FIFA World Ranking to date of number On 14 Octoberthey clinched qualification with a 1—0 away win against Poland. The result led Slovakia to the knockout stage and eliminated Italy, who finished last in the group. In October, however, they were easily beaten in Armenia 3—1 and drew 1—1 against the Republic of Ireland at home.

In Februarythe team was stunned in a 2—1 friendly defeat against Luxembourg and could only beat group minnows Andorra by one goal. Despite creating better chances, Slovakia earned a goalless draw with Ireland away. Four days later, after creating chances in a goalless first half, Slovakia conceded four goals to Armenia in a match that eliminated the team. In the final two group matches, Slovakia was beaten at home by Russia 1—0 and drew 1—1 in Macedonia, finishing in a mediocre fourth-place position and scoring only seven goals in the entire process.

Also, for the first time since the Euro qualifying processSlovakia finished a qualifying campaign with a negative goal differential. Slovakia began the qualifying campaign with a 1—0 victory against Ukraine in Kiev.


On 9 OctoberSlovakia beat Spain 2—1 in a shock victory and claimed the first place. Slovakia's 3—1 victory over Belarus confirmed their status as group leaders.

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